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I'm not really setting up a goal (though I would like a premium membership eventually so that I am able to request critiques), I'm just setting this up for anyone who would like to generously donate points to me for any reason whatsoever :)

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First off, I'm not dead! :party:

But seriously, it's been a long while since I've really done anything here, whether it be posting, browsing, or anything, really. I just needed a break. But it's good the be back :D

Now, let's get down to business :lol:

I've been tagged by the wondrous Aerode :eager: The rules, to which, are:
  1. You must include the rules in your journal.
  2. List five random things about yourself.
  3. Answer questions the tagger asked you.
  4. Choose five people to tag in your journal and ask them five questions.
Huh. So five things about myself. :hmm: *checks other journal so as to not reuse information*

1. I have this thing where I have so many ideas at a certain time and yet no motivation while at other points it is the exact opposite, i.e, so much motivation but absolutely no ideas.
2. I cry during sad movies or books (let me tell you, Les Misérables was a nightmare)
3. I am trying to learn how to paint decently with water colors or just draw with a pencil.
4. The one musical instrument I would really like to learn how to play would be the piano.
5. One of my favorite hobbies is to bake, though I either mess up the recipe or end up burning myself every time.

That... was harder than I imagined ^^; Now, for the questions! :la:

1. What is/was your favorite subject in school?

I might drag on for a while here, so don't say I didn't warn you ;P

First off, I want to get it out of the way that English (or ELA, as it's called where I've been to school) is by far my least favorite subject, mainly die to the fact that my initial Reading and Language teachers were very unenthusiastic about the way they taught it; it just felt like it dragged on and on and on. Don't get me wrong; I absolutely adore English right now. I love to learn, and there's always more to learn about the language and literature, but it's just my least favorite school subject. It kind of works like the way that you can have a top ten list of... whatever, really, but the tenth one will always be the worst when compared to the rest of the list, even if it is an amazing thing, whatever it is.

Now for the real stuff :D

So far, Mathematics is my favorite overall subject in school just because of the way it works; there's a pattern to everything in the universe, and everything can be broken down to numbers and formulas. It just feels so amazing to notice these little patterns and sequences, and to learn how to see others. It's kind of beautiful, really.

But specifically, anything relating to biology and the way the body works really fascinates me. Cells, organs, anything relating to how our body allows us to survive and function is just amazing to learn. But, even more specifically, I love neuroscience the most; the brain is such an enigma, and it is so much fun to learn another piece of the puzzle.

And space. You just gotta love space. I mean, who doesn't? Nebulae, black holes, quasars, all of it is just magical.

Also, because I'm not yet in high school (just a couple more weeks!), I don't know any other languages besides English, and I think it would be amazing to learn French. So French would likely quickly jump to the top of the list once I begin taking it.

2. You're stuck on an island. You can choose three Deviants to be on the island with you. Tell us the three Deviants and why you chose them?

Hmm... tough one.

I's probably stick with:

1. oaklungs--because of her amazing talent for writing in metaphors, I feel like she could turn this ability into a survival technique; using the same idea and using profound and simple materials to create wonderful, helpful, and useful products. This would be crucial to surviving on the island.

2. SilverInkblot or TwilightPoetess--I have the both of them down because both of them would be amazing leaders to work with, as they have expertise and are both quite crafty when it comes down to business, and it's nearly impossible to choose one over the other (Can I have both? Please?).

3. Aerode--I mean, you can't go without a comedic relief, am I right? :lol: Nah, I'm just kidding (that would probably be me); Aerode would likely act as a jack of all trades, so to speak, with abilities ranging from scavenging to hunting to cooking to building, which can be reflected by his wide variety of poems and stories of which he writes.

I think that would definitely work for survival. Yes, most certainly. :D

3. Variation of the question above: You're on a spy mission, and can choose three Deviants to help you with your heist. :shifty: Who are they and why? (You can use repeat Deviants.)

Oh, but repeats would just ruin the fun, wouldn't it? ;)

1. chromeantennae--because Ricky is one stealthy genius when it comes right down to it.

2. AnUnfoldedPaperTiger--because he has a keen eye for noticing the little details, and can change anything in the room to a potential advantage.

3. imaginative-lioness--because imagination is crucial to any heist, and if it is to be in anyway planned properly, we would need for there to be some sort of imaginative individual such a herself to pull it off.

And then you have the getaway driver: yours truly.

4. Who is your deviantCRUSH? (Stolen from Lissomer )

My deviantCRUSH, huh?

oaklungs definitely takes the cake, but is very closely trailed by everyone else whom I have already mentioned others, such as UntamedUnwanted, :dearpoetry:, and many others with a list way too long to write out. I just love most everyone here :love:

5. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

That's a tough one; the writer inside of me is wishing for better literary recognition, the student inside of me is wishing that an education would cost less than it currently does (or even cost at all), but the person inside of me is wishing for perfectly equal treatment to any person, whether they be poor, disabled, mentally ill, or anyone else who is currently discriminated against today just for those reasons. But, with the way humanity is, we can only wish. And hope.

***EDIT: Welp. I forgot to tag people :lmao: So five people... hmmm...

I'm going to tag:

chromeantennae (though I probably missed it)

And the sixth person would happen to be anyone else who wishes to participate! :party:

My questions:

1. What's your favorite thing? Out of everything in the world, what do you cherish the most?
2. What one thing would you do if you knew you had the powers and capabilities to do it?
3. What has, so far, been your best experience at school?
4. If you could redo one specific event in your life, and in no way alter the future/present, what would it be and why? Would you even do it?
5. What are your favorite songs? (List any amount that you would like)

And with that, I wish all of you a fantastic evening! Or day. You know, just a good time in general.
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Hello there, fellow deviants! I'm Chris, and well, simply put, I'm an aspiring writer and poet.

Do you have any ideas on who I should interview for LiteratureRoadtrip's WayWords section? Send me a note about who here!

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